First Time Buyers

You will always remember the feeling that comes with buying your first home. The process requires quite a bit of careful research, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult. Wood River Builders is here to help you with each of the steps involved in buying your first home.

Planning Your Dream Home.
Now that you have decided to move into a new home, what is the next step? Start by contacting us, so we can help with some of the many decisions you are faced with, such as community locations, amenities and floorplan designs.

Select Your Community.
Find the location that is right for you by visiting the various communities in the valley. We can also make an appointment for a private tour of your favorite community.

Choose Your Home.
With many designs to choose from, the perfect floorplan is waiting for you. If you are looking to move soon, we also offer homes that are currently under construction or ready for move-in.

Secure Financing.
A mortgage company can help you learn what you will need for a down payment and offers options for loan packages, rates and points.

Choose Your Home Options.
Transform your floorplan into the home of your dreams. Our designer will assist you with design options and finishing touches that will tailor your home to suit your style.

Find Homeowner’s Insurance.
Before you can close on your home, you will need homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s insurance protects you and your lender in the event of serious or catastrophic damage to the property, including fire, tornado and hurricane. There are numerous insurance companies and policies to choose from, and discounts are often available when you choose the same company that insures your automobile. Consult your insurance agent for more information.

Homeowner Demonstration.
A few days before closing, an employee of Wood River Builders will conduct a homeowner’s demonstration. This meeting is to familiarize you with the proper operation of the home’s equipment and review the maintenance requirements of your new home.

Close On Your Home.
Items you will need for closing include identification, funds for down payment and closing costs, loan paperwork and proof of homeowner’s insurance.